Community Development

A key component of community development is the opportunity for the surrounding communities to  take part of the 2000 direct jobs created by the estate and the factory and/or become commercial outgrowers. The outgrower scheme focuses on wealth creation for the local communities and aims to generate high income through commercial sugarcane production. This can only be achieved in an environment with suitable conditions such as capacity building, infrastructure development, guidance in business management and a conducive business partnership with Agro EcoEnergy. Through becoming commercial sugarcane outgrowers the communities will be able to improve their livelihoods, be food secure and increase their incomes. Therefore: “Using sugarcane to develop communities”

Social Services

The communities surrounding the project have great expectations of benefiting from the project development. One way to develop these opportunities is that the project plans for an off-site housing model for the vast majority of its employees. The off-site housing model also includes co-planning with other actors on the social services such as schools, dispensaries, infrastructure including water and sanitation. Bagamoyo is a fast growing town due to road upgrades were two big trunk roads (Msata and Makurunge) are under construction. The huge interest in new developments along the roads opens up for the Project to assist in the process of creating sustainable social services in the project area.

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