Outgrower Areas

Three outgrower areas have been identified, based on criteria of:

  •  Distance to the Mill
  •  Access to irrigation water
  •  Soil suitability 

Currently Agro EcoEnergy is working with three groups of future outgrowers (total of 100 people – 60 female, 40 male). These groups have received training since 2012 and are establishing commercial rice farms. The 3 groups are from Kiwangwa, Matipwili and Gama and they have been 100% financed and supported by Agro EcoEnergy.

It is anticipated that the early formation of these outgrower groups on irrigated rice schemes will bring positive outcomes in relation to food security and preparedness for the implementation of the sugarcane outgrower programme.


The Outgrower Programme will substantially alter the agricultural and economic landscape of the engaged villages:

  • Some 1500 – 2000 direct jobs will be created through outgrower farming.
  • The overall revenues for the Outgrower Farms will, with 300,000 – 400,000 tcpa, be approximately USD 13 -18 Million annually or on average around 450,000 USD per company (based on 100 ha, 100t/ha, and 45 USD/ton).
  • Spin-off business opportunities like cane haulage, agricultural supplies, food production will be generated through the outgrower programme.
  • The outgrower farms will be accompanied by infrastructure development which will bring electricity, roads, flood protection, off river storage and bulk water for irrigation to the Outgrower Farms and their communities.